Hollydell Ice Arena

Last Updated: 10/16/2020

The current protocols for Hollydell Ice Arena are as follows:

  1. All personnel required to play the game are allowed in the rink. This includes a parent serving as scorekeeper. 
  2. ALL non-players in the rink must wear a mask at all times, including coaches. ALL players must wear a mask when not playing the game. 
  3. Spectators are not allowed in the rink
  4. LiveBarn will be turned off, but each team can have one parent taking video to live stream the game
  5. Teams will be guided to rink spaces to finish getting dressed
  6. Players can come into the rink 15 minutes before game
  7. Players must leave the rink as soon as possible after the game
  8. Temperature checks will be completed on all Hollydell guests
  9. Please DO NOT use the parking lot of the Gloucester County building across from Hollydell for pre-game warmups
  10. Dunlop’s will remain open in accordance with NJ regulations, which will be enforced by restaurant staff. The NHL and CDM rinks are visible from Dunlop’s. 

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