Old Bridge John Piccolo Arena

Last Updated: 10/16/2020


  • Unfortunately, there will be no spectators allowed inside of the arena
  • Old Bridge is a half open rink, so parents may be able to watch the game from outside of fence (while practicing social distancing)


  • All players must come to the arena fully dressed and with facial masks on. Their temperatures will be checked at the entrance and their waivers will be collected at that time.
  • Skates, helmets, and gloves are allowed to be put on inside of the arena
  • ONE parent will be allowed to help with putting on skates and helmets, but must leave immediately after doing so (temperature will be checked and must be wearing a facial mask)
  • NO BAGS will be allowed
  • Towels and water bottles cannot be shared
  • At the end of the game, only skates, helmets, and gloves are allowed to be taken off inside of the arena. A parent will be permitted to help with the removal of skates (temperature checked upon reentry), but must leave as soon as this is done.
  • No socialization inside of the arena


  • All coaches, without exception, are required to be wearing masks at all times 
  • Coaches who do not comply to this procedure will be asked to leave the bench/arena


  • One manager per team will be allowed inside the arena to assist the coach and/or in case of injures

Print and sign the two forms below: