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"At just 8 years old, we thought our son was done with sports. Then we found Matt Anderson and Thunder Youth Hockey. Since joining Thunder, our son has grown mentally and physically, while developing a real love for the game. The Thunder coaching staff totally get what youth sports is all about, and we feel so fortunate that our son is able to participate in such a great program. Thunder Hockey proves there are still places where kids can develop their athletic skills and have fun too."

– Susan Rash

"My experience with the Union Thunder has been exceptional. Matt Anderson and all of the coaches associated with the Thunder and Middle School league are fantastic, and go out of their way to make sure the kids learn the game and enjoy every minute of ice time. I'd recommend this team to anybody!‚Äč"

– John Nowak

"My son is 12 and has only been playing ice hockey for less than two years. After playing in two house leagues he became passionate about the sport and wanted so badly to improve his skills. After conducting much research I decided that a travel team was not the right place for him as so often their focus is on winning games and championships and what my son needed was to improve his basic skills as a player. Then I was fortunate enough to come across the Union Thunder limited travel program and it sounded like the perfect fit for him. In the 5 months that my son has been in the program, it has given him more than I dreamed it could. I watch some of his games now and I am astonished at how much his skills have improved in such a small amount of time. I can't say enough about Matt Anderson, the Director of the program, or his staff. Not only are they fantastic ice hockey coaches, but they take the time to know each and every individual player and push them to be their very best while working on the basic fundamentals that they need to know. Along with the fundamentals of ice hockey they also teach and instill the important life lessons that go along with making a well-rounded player. With two practices a week and two games a week, my son gets plenty of ice time and instruction and I feel that our tuition costs have been well more than worth it. I am grateful that we have found the Union Thunder program and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great organization for their child to play in."  

– Stephanie Ledden

"We have been part of the Union Thunder program for 4 years now. We have watched our son grow and develop not only as a hockey player but as an individual. The program emphasizes a team concept as well as a strong family unit. Our son has grown in leaps and bounds and has formed life long friends and what we consider extended family members through the organization. The coaches teach the grass roots of hockey and the correct way of playing the game with honor and respect. It is a pleasure to watch the Thunder teams represent not only their families but the organization with the utmost respect. We look forward to watching our son grow even more within the organization. Thank you Thunder coaches, players and parents. You really make us look forward to seeing you every week."

– Chris & Lis

"Being a part of the Thunder team has been an incredible experience for my son and for us as a family. Matt Anderson and the rest of the coaching staff are amazing. They are knowledgable, friendly and clearly love to coach. Their enthusiasm for hockey comes through as they make it both challenging and fun for the kids. Matt's positive and encouraging philosophy is infectious. No matter what your child's abilities, Matt meets them where they are and leads them further ahead. I can't say enough good things about this program and the wonderful community that has developed around it. Go Thunder!"

– Melissa Nelson

"Our son has been on a Thunder Pee Wee team for the last two years, and I can say that without a doubt it has been an all-round great experience. The coaching and skill instruction is excellent as well as from the perspective of instilling just the values you would want your son or daughter to have. Not only has my son's game improved immeasurably, but I believe he has grown as a person from his experience at the Union Sports Arena. The program is just terrific!"

– Julie and Patrick

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